Friday, July 01, 2011

America's First Black, Female Rabbi

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

In about half an hour I'm going to tune in to the NPR show, Tell Me More to hear an interview with Alysa Stanton, the nation's first Black female rabbi. I thought her ordination was recent, but in fact she's been ordained since 2009. Here's her story in a Time magazine article.

I've been thinking about writing a story about Black people choosing their own religion, especially after being raised in a traditional Black church and hearing about Stanton makes me want to pursue that story even more. And I'm not sure it has to be Black people, could be anyone who finds their own faith. I myself have been on a spiritual journey since college, 'trying on' several different religions, including the Bahai faith and Unitarian Universalism.

What about you Meltingpot readers? Any of you have your own conversion story you'd like to share? I'm listening.

Peace. And have a happy fourth of July too!

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