Friday, July 15, 2011

No Baby

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I didn't want to leave you hanging. It appears that the horrifying medical scare I experienced on Wednesday was probably a misdiagnosis. Me and babygirl are fine and it would appear that babygirl has no intention of making an early appearance. So, just wanted to share. Now, I guess I'll take bets on her actual arrival date. Official due date is August 2. Go ahead give it your best shot.

And really, thank you all for sharing your own 'harrowing' early arrival stories as well as the name choices. I love so many of them. Now my list is up to 30 names! Honestly, your good wishes really warmed my heart and made me feel that there truly is a community of Meltingpot readers out there who cares. You are all amazing.

Have a great weekend. See ya back here on Monday.



Wendy (Colombia Mami) said...

Happy to hear that all is well. I say August 1st.

When you decide the name, will you be revealing?

We kept our daughter's name, Mariana as it was close those we were considering, Marisol, Maripaz and Mariposa. I liked the Mari part, so it was perfect that her name was Mariana as we decided we would call her Mari for short with the other three names. Mari pronounced in a Spanish way. Turns out when monolingual English speakers say it, Mari sounds like Maury. Drove me nuts. Now her Nickname is Nani. Its easy pronounce. Mariana seems simple enough, I even try to not roll my "r" when talking to an English speakers, but many people have trouble with the name "Mariana". We did give her the middle name Christina after my husband's brother Christopher.

Jay said...

I wish you all the best with yor baby good .. have a great weekend .. I really do enjoy reading your blog .. so I dont comment a lot .. you alwayhave me thinking .. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello LT,

1. I say she will be born on July 30 (on my brother's birthday).

2. My name suggestion is Liya. It is of Hebrew origin and means "I am the Lord's". You can give it a Latin twist by spelling it 'Lia'. Apparently, its meaning in chinese includes "beauty and grace". Hopefully, you would not mind sharing a name with my best friend who chose the name 'Liya' for her half-Spanish daughter.


alli said...

cheyenne/cheyanne? its native american some spanish ppl are and some blk ppl too so i figures happy compromise, glad you are ok! will b praying!

alli said...

but i like mariposa too b/c it means butterfly, honestly even tho i'm not spanish I thought about the name milagros too(if i had a girl), dont know why I like it but it means miracle.

LT said...

Thank you. And I love Maripaz too.

Thank you!

Anon (Mi)
I kind of have a feeling about July 30 too.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions. Adding them to my list.