Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthdays, Anniversaries and a Giveaway Too!

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Today is a day for celebration in the Kinky Gazpacho household. Babygirl is one month old today. For some reason being able to say that she's survived for a month makes me feel like she's going to be okay. Before now, I still saw her as not quite real. Not quite here. Ephemeral even. And although she's still pretty much a eating, sleeping, pooping lump, she's an adorable one that gets more interactive every day. I think she actually smiled at me today. Although it might have just been a reflex to the sun in her eyes :) Many cultures don't even believe in naming a child until they have lived for 40 days because their spirits are thought to not be settled until then. I kind of feel that way too. But One Month feels good enough. So happy 'birthday' babygirl!

And in other exciting news. Todays is the one year anniversary of my other baby, my first novel, Substitute Me. I can't believe it was an entire year ago today that the book debuted. I officially became a novelist on this day last year. It was a dream come true for me. Here is a blog post I wrote one year ago about the debut.

So today I feel like celebrating. Every since I was a little girl I had two dreams: To be a mother and to be a writer. On this day I can truly celebrate both. And since it's no fun to celebrate alone, for anyone interested in a free copy of Substitute Me, leave a comment telling me about a day you celebrate for yourself. A day that means something special just for you. I'll pick a random winner from commenters at the end of day Friday, August 26.

Good Luck!

Peace and Sweet Baby Feet!


Wendy (Colombia Mami) said...

This post made the think. Other than my birthday, I do not have a day that is just for me.
May 21st might become this day. This past May 21st, I broke my wrist, ankle and hip when I tripped and fell during a half marathon. This day might become special not because of the fall but because of my fighting spirit. Today, 3 months, later I am out running again. Only a few miles, but I am doing it, improving daily. You cannot keep me down. I am a fighter, I do not give up. So, May 21st will be the day I celebrate that little fire/fighter in me.

That fighter as helped me learn a second language as an adult, earn a master´s degree, bench press my body weight, etc. Even more interesting? I had braces on my legs when I was a kid. I do not believe in excuses OF ANY KIND!

Melinda's Perspective said...

April 2nd is a day I celebrate because it's the day that I developed a backbone.

I had been working on ditching my doormat ways, but I guess that morning is when I realized that enough was finally enough.

I had lost my job and was actively looking for work,when my boastful,older brother offered to help.

I was wary.It wasn't like him to offer anyone anything.I took him up on his offer despite my reservations.

Things went downhill in a nano second.He started speaking me as though I hadn't made it passed the second grade.Usully,I look the other way because I hate confrontations.But this time I had had enough.

He had no real interest in helping me.He just felt like putting me down.I put him in his place with the quickness and we haven't spoken since.

Rude people aren't welcome in my life...even those who share my last name.

LT said...

Your answer made me cry and cheer. Thank you for sharing this and rock on!

Way to go. Good for you. I hope more women follow your lead.