Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Two Cents About Missing Baby Lisa

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I've been avoiding this topic here on the blog because I really didn't feel like a missing baby was Meltingpot material. I felt sorry for the family going through this horrible ordeal but then as the facts started coming out, I started getting a little suspicious and decided to keep my own Law & Order-influenced theories to myself.

But I can't take it anymore. I need to know what other people are thinking about this situation. As a new mom to a precious babygirl, this story hits so close to home. I cannot imagine waking up one morning, peering into my daughter's crib and finding her gone. Just the thought sends waves of horror all over my body.

But here comes the skeptical me. I also cannot imagine waking up from a drunken stupor, finding my baby gone, not remembering the last time I checked up on her, not calling 911 right away, and all of the other ridiculous inconsistencies in the story of the grieving parents. Here's an article that sums up the case so far.

Initially, I wondered if these parents had harmed their own child and alerted the media in order to cash in on our culture's disgusting love affair with "nice White girls gone bad," i.e. Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Dick Cheney and the list goes on. No joke, to the innocent and ignorant, scandal may seem like a great way to become famous. I mean the rumor mill is going wild about the six-figure book deal floating around with Casey Anthony's name on it. And the Amanda Knox book isn't far behind. Do I need to mention Monica Lewinsky here?

Anywho, it feels wrong to talk about the motives and/or presumed guilt of the parents when at the end of the day, there is still a missing baby out there. I probably do watch far too much Law & Order but it seems like there should have been a break in the case already. I also read a lot and have read books about snatched babies, so part of me wants to believe that it's possible that someone snuck into the Irwin home, snatched the baby (without waking up the dog) and is now raising her as her own. But those tales are fiction. What are the real stats on baby snatching ? It seems every case of baby snatching in this country in recent memory has been a fabrication of a deranged mom.

So what do you think Meltingpot readers? What's your take on the case? Maybe we can help solve the mystery.

I'm listening.


P.S. Here's the Meltingpot in me. Notice in the pictures there are two brown boys in the background? Are those her brothers? Does baby Lisa have brown brothers? Interesting. I wonder if the world knows this and if and how this would color the case?


Itsbugart said...

According to ABC News, the 2 boys are Lisa's half-brothers.

OK, this is a bit nitpicky, but just when did Dick Cheney become a "nice white girl gone bad"?!!! I always figured he was an asshole from day 1! :-)

Cyretha said...

I had not been following that story, but similar to that was the one in Russia about two babies switched at birth. Can you imagine that you take the wrong baby home and only by accident find out that she is not yours 12 years later? When one of the couples was going through a divorce, the mother found out that her daugher was not her biological child. The husband was refusing to pay alimony because he said the child did not look like him. The wife had DNA tests taken and to her surprise she learned of the information. When the mother did locate her biological child, she had been raised in a muslim family. The mother had been raising her daugher as a christian.

I am not sure which story is worse; not finding your baby in the house or finding out that your baby is not yours.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is the media looks for miss photogenic...the "white girls" featured are all that, and a bag of chips sometimes.

If they were drinking, she and a neighbor, and the children were in a room together watching a video, then who is to say that someone didn't enter from the back of the home while the women were out front (as reported) and snatch the child. IF she was drunk and didn't know if she did or did not check on the baby or even turn off the lights, then this could have happened.

Why they wouldn't let police search all of the house is beyond me. My guess is they may have had some form of illegal contraband such as pot or something. If so, they should say so and face the consequences because it could be someone within that circle that took the baby if the child was indeed stolen.

She, being the drama queen, may have been easily intimidated by the police. The one I saw on video looked intimidating and not someone I would want to talk to on my best day...let long with a hangover and a missing child.

Anxiety meds and alcohol. Hmmm. Who knows what she could have been capable of if the evidence points to her.

It's probably something simple if she did it and they would have found a clue by now. Even simpler if someone just waltzed in and out...

Anonymous said...

Will these people get a book deal?

This child is cute. The look on her face tells it all, though. The sadness of her "real world" shows through in her photo. It is doubtful the media can deal with the "real world" and help "real people" in dire situations.

It just isn't entertaining enough and would prove to be a real bummer.