Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Organic Moonshine Roots Music: Introducing Valerie June

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Whenever I discover a new creative crush, I always want to share the love. Well, people, I am in love. I was doing some research on the on-line natural hair movement and stumbled across a website called The Coil Review. Apparently the Coil Review features interviews with women who have something to say about natural hair but also have something extra-ordinary going on in their lives as well. I clicked on an interview with a singer I'd never heard of before named, Valerie June.

Just listening to the interview, without hearing her sing a single note, I knew I'd love her voice. Not one to easily categorize, June says she sings, "organic moonshine roots music." Just the poetry in that self-created label and the southern twang in her husky voice had me hooked. When I searched on line for samples of her music, I was immediately enraptured. Take a listen.

What do you think? Doesn't her voice remind you of pancakes, corn grits and sunflowers on a Sunday morning? I'm just so supremely thrilled I discovered her now, just when I thought the X-factor and American Idol had completely destroyed the idea of originality in music. Has anybody else been a Valerie June fan for awhile and want to tell me something about her that I don't know?

I'm totally listening.



evelyn.n.alfred said...

I haven't heard of her before you mentioned her or The Coil Review. Thanks for sharing this.

Cyretha said...

I had not heard of her, but would love to hear her and Adele sing a duet.

Ola said...

LOVES IT!!!! I listened to the interview first and was like "i love that accent of hers" lol
Then I listened to the song and fell in love a bit more......

It's like I just watched a good movie and heard that one song and now i have to google it to find everything about the soundtrack....i hope you understand what i'm getting


Anonymous said...

She makes this southern girl happy!

LT said...

You're Welcome


You are so welcome. And I felt the same way.

Happy day!