Friday, December 09, 2011

Rachel Crow has My Vote: The New Mixie Making Music

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I don't know how many of you have been watching the X Factor on TV these days. I've been catching a show here and there. My boys and I watched the auditions because they're always fun, but honestly I haven't been really paying attention. Until last night. I caught the last twenty minutes of the show and watched the cutest little kid get voted off. From what I witnessed, she out sang the other dude by far and it is a shame she didn't make the cut. Apparently, thousands of little Rachel's growing fan base also believes she shouldn't have been eliminated and have been making their opinions known all over cyberspace.

I'm sure, Hollywood being Hollywood, Rachel Crow is still going to get a recording contract, probably a movie deal and perhaps even her own line of perfumes. Or perhaps she'll be the new spokesperson for Kinky Curly hair products. I for one, would be happy to see a tween/teen star with brown skin, curly hair, and a great personality. On the other hand, after all this excitement and her very emotional breakdown on the show last night, maybe the best thing for Rachel at this point would be to go back to being a regular kid for awhile. You know, rest and regroup. Because even if America voted otherwise, the Meltingpot knows Rachel Crow is going to be a star.



Jen Marshall Duncan said...

My girls and I agree--Rachel Crow is a star! It is so nice to see a mixed tween in the spotlight. I hope you're right, and that she becomes a "kinky curly" spokesperson or something. It would be great to see her smiling face and hear her amazing voice more often.

LT said...

I love her voice. Let's keep hope alive!

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