Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Repeat Wednesday: The One about the One-Drop Rule and Lice

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

It's Spring Break at my college, but I'm not on vacation. I have so much work to complete in this one week and wouldn't you know, babygirl decides to come down with her very first cold yesterday. Murphy's Law wins again. So, rather than leave you without some food for thought from the Meltingpot, I thought I'd resurrect some of my most popular posts. The ones that people are still commenting on.

So, remember when I asked if head lice respected the one-drop rule? I wanted to know if my mixie kids would be immune to lice, since everybody knows, Black people don't get lice. After writing this post, more than three years ago, many people - both Black and White -- have written in to tell me that, not only did their mixie kids get the cooties, but they did too. Yikes! So, I am afraid, very afraid, because I swear, every other day, we get a note home that yet another child in the second grade has lice.

Feel free to comment here, if you have your own meltingpot lice stories to share. Or go back and add to the original post.

Peace and Extra Hair Grease!

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