Friday, June 15, 2012

Whistling Dixie: Ms. Meltingpot is Heading South

Hello Meltingpot Readers,

Ms. Meltingpot is packing up and heading south. Not forever, just for a little respite to officially welcome in the summer. I'm visiting my folks -- who in a fit of madness moved below the Mason Dixie line -- and plan to while away the hours sipping sweet tea, writing and dipping my newly painted toenails into the salty sea water of the Atlantic ocean.

That is my plan. What will probably happen is that I'll be trying to keep my boys from driving me crazy, extracting sand from babygirl's mouth and praying that everyone under age 12 will fall asleep before the sun goes down.

So, stay tuned for my southern tales of adventure, all next week here on the Meltingpot.



Heather said...

We just returned from South Carolina (Charleston area)-- we probably passed you on the highway somewhere! ;)

Anonymous said...

And we just returned from Virginia Beach, Atlantic Beach and Myrtle Beach visiting family.


LT said...

Did you wave? Hope your vacay was grand.

We passed right by you! Hope you had a lovely time visiting family.