Monday, July 09, 2012

FELA! Back on Broadway: Free Tickets for Meltingpot Readers!

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Today is your lucky day and mine. First, let's get it straight that Ms. Meltingpot loves a good Broadway show. After all, she named babygirl after her favorite character from the great White Way and though I've never really talked about it here, briefly entertained  the idea of a career as a great stage performer. Musical comedy was going to be my thing. But, alas, Ms. Meltingpot cannot sing worth a lick.

So, instead, I just enjoy as many shows as I can...and pray one of my children will have a voice that can take him all the way to Broadway. I'm kidding. Sort of.  But I'm getting so far away from the point. And the point is, tonight I'm going to see FELA! on Broadway! Yes, I mean the 2010 Tony-award winning show about the Nigerian musical genius and political activist, Fela Kuti. Yes, the one produced by Jay-Z, Will and Jada Pinket-Smith, and Ahmir 'Questlove' Thompson from the Roots. Yes, the one that is back on Broadway for only six-weeks. Yours truly is going tonight.

And here's the thing. While I can enjoy most any good song and dance, coupled with an overly dramatic story line, I obviously have a soft spot for a show with a Meltingpot sensibility. Check out the following description of Fela! from Down Beat magazine and tell me this doesn't have Meltingpot written all over it.

" In addition to being visually and musically explosive, “Fela!” elucidates Kuti's politics and run-ins with the law. It contextualizes his convictions in relation to U.S. civil rights activism and illuminates African religion and culture. It also demonstrates how African rhythms, calypso, James Brown, John Coltrane, Chano Pozo and Martin Luther King Jr. all informed both his music and political stance."

I am so excited. And the thrill isn't only mine. I have five pairs of tickets for the 8pm evening show on July 17 to give away to you, my dear readers! If you want to see Fela! on Broadway for free, all you have to do is leave a comment here and tell me why you want to see the show. I will randomly draw five names on Wednesday (July 11) night at midnight. Winners will be posted on Thursday (July 12) morning. So check back on Thursday to see if you won and to collect your tix.

Here's a preview of Fela!

Be inspired.



jackikay said...

I'd love to see Fela! on Broadway. I wrote a paper about Fela Kuti when I was in college and I'm interested at how the story of this life would translate on stage.

Unknown said...

Missed seeing this production the first time around due to lack of employment. It's been a rough few years and could really use the encouragement. Plus, Fela's music never fails to put a smile on anyone's face.

sammo said...

I'd love to see FELA! I discovered Fela and Afrobeat music one night on a date to an African club a few years ago. We danced all night long and I then purchased every fela album I could find online! Im sure it'd be exciting to see the story of his life! FELA!

Anonymous said...

The music and story of his life inspires me as a fashion designer, I'd absolutely love to see FELA! on Broadway such an awesome tribute!

Hadiyyah said...

I'd love to see Fela so I can have the experience of a Lifetime! I've heard wonderful & amazing things about this play. It will make you laugh, cry, smile & feel the true essence of a brilliant play. The fact that Jay Z, Will & Jada Smith is behind this play, I know its awesome. I pray I'm one of the winners of the free tix!

Julie said...

My 6 year-old, Ethiopian born daughter is obsessed with FELA! One of the dancers came to her school and taught them one of the dances. I see it over and over in my living room. We live in LA, but I'd love for her uncle and his partner to get a chance to see it. They live in Brooklyn. They could call her afterwards and tell her all about it. :)

Danielle Attmore said...

I haven't been to a Broadway play in years and would Love the opportunity to see this show! I've heard from several people that it's a great show & not to be missed. It would be awesome to be able to take my cousin for her birthday so I hope I'm blessed to win tickets!

The Golden Papaya said...

I know I won your last giveaway (does that disqualify me? or just make me greedy for entering again?), but I would love to see this show, because it looks amazing. And because I pretty much never get to see live theater. How cool that you got to go!

Janessa said...

I still can't believe that I missed Fela! the first time around. Guess this is my chance :-)

Charmaine Sibanda said...

I have read so many great things about FELA! He was a phenomenal musician who perfected his craft as well as a great activist. My heart would be overjoyed to see his work on Broadway.

Anonymous said...

Heard so many great things and missed Fela the first time it was around on Broadway. Feels like I've been given a second chance now. Hope to win and good luck everyone!

Clyde said...

In August 2010, my 34 year old son was told by his doctor that he needed a heart transplant. He was in the hospital for 4 months waiting for a heart. During this time, several members of my book club purchased tickts to see Fela. I brought a ticket but becase I cancelled all of my social activities to be with my son , gave my ticket to a friends. Still waiting to see Fela.

Sharontina said...

I would absolutely LOVE to see Fela! on Broadway! I have never seen a broadway show in my entire newly-22 years of life, music fuels me (especially live bands), and what better way to re-up than with this powerful narrative concert?! I've heard nothing but great things about this musical, and would really enjoy being "in the moment" as is plays out on stage! *fingers crossed*


Jill said...

I'd love to see Fela! I've been wanting to see it for a while and now that it's back on Broadway in my birthday month, I think it'll be a great bday present to myself. But unfortunately I'll have to wait again because I loaned my brother money to keep his car from being repossessed. My birthday is Monday, July 16th. Winning tickets for the show would be great!

LT said...

And the winners are: Drum Roll Please

1. JackiKay
2. Ms. Unknown (commenter #2) who has had a "rough few years"
4. The Golden Papaya
5 Sharontina
Please send me your email addresses by the end of day Thursday so I can send you your tix. Send email to