Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rice in Korea

So I'm reading with growing horror about the threats and tantrums of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il in the face of UN sanctions. Mr. Kim Jong-Il claims the sanctions are tantamount to an act of war and North Korea will respond accordingly. So Secretary of State Condi Rice is dispatched to Asia to try and drum up support from other Asian nations against Mr. Kim (or is it Mr. Jong-Il? ) and to try to talk some sense into the seemingly deranged leader.

So here's my question. Does a Korean man like Kim Jong-Il -- who clearly has some issues with power -- take a Black woman seriously, even if she is the Secretary of State of arguably one of the most powerful nations in the world? I mean is race an issue in international diplomacy? Is gender? I'm not saying that all Koreans have a problem with Black people, or women, but we know in this country there is some tension between the two groups and we know that Korean culture is quite patriarchal. So what is Kim Jong-Il thinking when Ms. Rice tells him he better behave or else? Is he laughing at her? Should George W. send someone more impressive and masculine to work this out like the supremely scary looking Vice President, Mr. Dick Cheney?

Any thoughts on this one? I'm curious what others think.

Pray for Peace!


Mike said...

Hey Lori,

You make a lot of sense, Interesting to hear a US citizen's view on the Korea issues (I assume you are a US citizen?) Not sure why you refer to the NK leader as Pyongyang? That's the capital of NK, the leader is (and is referred to there as the 'dear leader' is Kim il Jong. Mad as a badger apparently. My blog is close-to-the-bone.blogspot.com all about home cooking if you're interested.



lori said...

Thanks Mike for the comment. Yes I'm a citizen and a former fact-checker, so I'm super embarassed that you caught my mistake.

So thanks for the correction (Is my face red?).

And I'll be checking your blog.


Anali said...

Very interesting question and catchy title. I don't really have an answer though.

He may not take her as seriously as a white man or a man of any race. But he is such a nut, he may not take anyone seriously.