Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mass Appeal

I'm usually more into pop than politics, but the Meltingpot has to give big ups to the citizens of Massachusetts for electing Deval Patrick, as governor. For those of you who might not know, Patrick is the first Black governor of Massachusetts and only the second Black governor in the entire history of this country. (Does anybody know who the other one was/is?)

Sometimes I get a little irritated when people make a big deal out of the first Black person title, like we need a special slap on the back for doing something White people have been doing all along. But I think this victory is different because it's more indicative of people's changing attitudes than anything Mr. Patrick has said or done. I mean Patrick could be Jesus Christ himself, but if he was a colored man in a racist state, nobody would give him the time of day. To me, Patrick's win means the people of Massachusetts really followed Dr. King's advice and judged Patrick on the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

Now if we could all just remember that when Senator Obama steps into the light in '08!

Peace Out!


Mrs. J said...

Yes...big ups to MA! A coup for black people in every state.

Before Patrick, Douglas Wilder of VA was the last elected governor who's black. But I heard rumors today that Wilder wasn't the first (no idea who was, though). So maybe he was the first black governor in the modern age?

Now I want to know who was actually first. If/when I find out, I'll have to post the little known fact.

Either way, Obama in '08!

Anali said...

Thanks for recognizing us here in Mass! I'm not sure if you have seen my blog, but I've been writing about him for some time now.

I think Deval Patrick is going to be a great Governor and I cannot wait for him to get started!

Nerd Girl said...

OMG -- I didn't realize there had been only 2 black governors in US history! We definitely have a long way to go.

I'm not really into "race representatives" but I'll make an exception and hope that Mr. Patrick does "us" proud.