Monday, April 23, 2007

Dancing Across the Color Line

Guess What? The students of Turner County High Schol in Ashburn, Georgia fianlly get their first integrated prom this year! Up until now, the Black and White students in this small town of approximately 4000 residents have always had separate proms, separate homecomings, separate homecoming kings and queens, all divided down the color line.

This has been the year to change. A mixed race girl was named Homecoming Queen. How's that for progress! And in May for the first time they will have an integrated prom. They've tried to do the integrated thing before, spearheaded by the teachers and administration and it failed miserably. Now the students have taken up the banner of integration and are hosting a prom where people of all colors can shake their rumps together.

Of course not everyone is happy. Some bitter White kids are planning a protest party the same night down by the lake for those who just don't believe we can all just get along.

I'm just curious what these kids do when they leave the limits of Ashburn and see the rest of the world in its technicolor glory. Do they freak out? Head for the hills? Or maybe that's just it, maybe they never leave.


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