Monday, April 30, 2007

A Brother of Another Color?

What with all of this talk of international adoption being the new black --it's hip and cool -- you can expect a backlash any minute now.

A journalist friend of mine isn't tired of the media hype yet, but he did want to find out if there's another aspect of the story that we haven't hashed to death. I mentioned in an earlier post that there didn't seem to be a whole lot of Black people adopting internationally and I guessed it was because of the price tag attached. Well my friend decided to find those Black people, and any other people of color, who decided to not only adopt internationally, but adopt a child of another race.

The discussion over whether White people should raise colored children may never be resolved. But does anybody care if a nice Black family is raising a Chinese daughter? Does it matter if the Latino couple has adopted Russian twins? Does the discussion remain the same? Are people of color exempt from the public scrutiny or do they receive more? Speak up if this applies to you or if you know someone in this situation? What are the issues involved? When my friend's story comes out in a few weeks I'll post it here.

In the meantime check out: Anne Tyler's latest novel, Digging to America which involves an Iranian couple who adopts a Korean child. Or if you can get your hands on it, watch Fakin da Funk about a Black family who adopts a Chinese son. It's full of crass sterotypes but it's good for a laugh and Margaret Cho is in it.


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cloudscome said...

I am white and have two adopted black sons as well as one white bio son. I would love to read more on this story and hear about black or Latino families adopting transracially.

I found your blog from a comment you made at AntiRacist Parenting. I will keep reading.

lori said...

Thanks cloudscome for reading the meltingpot.

I like books with multi-culti characters too, so I like your blog!

Please keep tuning in and I'll let you know when the adoption story comes out.