Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Democratic Footwear

This is just a send-up to summer, which is well on its way. Warm weather makes me feel optimistic and free. So for today's post I thought I'd give props to the flip flop, recognized as the most democratic of footwear.

A little history on the ubiquitous summer sandal. Flip-flops made their official debut in this country during World War II. They were manufactured in Hawaii, copied from the Japanese Zori sandal. Originally sold for 29 cents a pair!

These days, flip flops are universal footwear. They are still so cheap to manufacture, men, women, rich, poor, Black, White and Other can slide their feet into a pair and be on their way to freedom for their feet. Of course the fashionistas couldn't leave the flip flop alone and a girl could spend close to $500 for a pair of diamond encrusted Gucci flops, but I think that's going a little bit crazy. But if you do want fashion forward flops you can shop at places like Flip Flop Trunkshow.

In some countries flip flops are made from recycled tires. In this country a group of young women wore their flip flops to meet President Bush at the White House and got in trouble. Most flip flops have a shelf life of three months.

Do you have a flip flop story?


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