Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dreams Really Do Come True!

Introducing the future of hope and change.

Peace for real!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am so happy.

However, disappointed by HRC's comments last night. Sad.

Cloudscome said...

God Bless him!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you have read the article about Obama in the New Yorker, and if you still think of him as a "dream come true".

I plan to vote for Obama, but I don't consider him to be a "dream come true" or think that he will be some kind of saviour for the country.

Question: if we, society as a whole, but in this case Black Americans, accept (or are asked to accept) that Mixed people are a unique segment of society that has special needs and concerns, why do Black Americans like me get so much flack when we say that Obama is NOT Black and that we wish he were Black American?

I have a Pan-African worldview and feel connected to people of African descent everywhere, but I must say that I am disappointed that, after all of the struggles that my people--homegrown Black Americans who are descended from African slaves brought to the USA--have endured in this country, the first candidate with obvious African ancestry to be a serious contender for the presidency is not one of us, and that his biraciality is what many find so appealing about him.

How will his winning really help to improve the lives of "homegrown" Black Americans? I say it will be a dream come true the day that there are more "firsts" who are of mostly Black African ancestry and not biracial and light-skinned Blacks.

a passive observer said...

Are you serious? Give me a fuckin' break! We have to start somewhere, and why not here. I think the mere fact that Obama IS biracial brings home the idea of what his hopes are for America.He was wants to bring us all together as one. I know, sounds alittle Disney but I believe him when he says this. I guess you cant please everyone though. Hes either not Black enough or not White enough. Please wake up and look at the bigger picture here!