Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Multiracial Twins Making News for their Color

Has anybody not heard about the German twins making worldwide headlines because one is black and the other white? For those who haven't been following along, here's a recap. On July 11, a Black woman from Ghana, married to a white German man, gave birth in Germany to twin boys. According to the sensationalist headlines, one twin is Black and the other White.

Now here at the Meltingpot you know this piqued our interest. But when I checked out the photos of the adorable little kinder (that's German for kids), I felt duped. Yes, the one baby is definitely a chocolate drop of yummy, who more than likely will get his fare share of stares walking with his daddy in his German homeland. But the other twin, the one everyone is calling "white," is sooo not a paleface. He looks like a mixed child with butterscotch colored skin. Check out the photo above and decide for yourselves.

So why all the hype? According to published reports the hospital staff could not believe their eyes when they saw the dramatically different colored babies born from the same woman. But I think what they really wanted to say, but were afraid of being offensive was, "How the hell did this woman give birth to a super black baby with a white husband?" Because honestly that is the only truly "astounding" thing about these twin boys. You gotta wonder who's lurking in hubby's past. Right?

If you really want to see some different colored twins, check out the photos here.



Anonymous said...

Frankly, how a mixed-raced couple could produce such a dark chid is a bit difficult for me to wrap my head around. I guess anything is possible, but I wonder how the twins were created--naturally or via some lab procedure. No one has mentioned the latter, but in the event Mother Nature received a little help, this wouldn't be the first time a mistake has occured. If I were one of the parents, I would love my baby regardless, but I would still request a DNA test. Actually, because labs do make mistakes they should test both of the boys.

glamah16 said...

You crack me up. My German is clueless aboout such things. He always marvels at the variety is my family and what could occur. He swore my Swedish cousin ( Who has a bi racial dad, and white Swedish mother) couldnt be 'black' because he was so fair and blond ( he was probally insinuating a fast one was pulled). I saw the undertone but some people who haven't been around other ethnicities dont get it.I know if we have any ,the only thing I can predict is the big foreheads we both have! And I know they will be cutest smartest kids .

Christina said...

You don't have to be a geneticist to understand that a black woman and a white man can create a very dark child - even darker than either parent. People who think they can pick the "biracial" kids out of a line-up of POC with varying skin tones need to go back and retake some elementary science.

Andrew said...

I found the video "People Like Me" on the web the other day:


I honestly could not tell whether it was a parody at first because it's aim is to undermine the myth of "racial purity." I guess I'm a bit naive, but I really didn't realize, even in 1996, that the belief that races are pure was widely held. Anyway, it's an intentionally funny video and succeeds at times. (It even has a star or two!) And it's perfect for myamericanmeltingpot.

Anonymous said...

Yea, its all about the hype. Color is color, so what one is dark and one is light. They will still be consider Black.

Jenn said...

These types of cases have become old imo. Why can people not understand that multiracials can come in a variety of shades? Actress Jennifer Beals is a mulatto not a quadroon she has a black parent and white parent. Boris Becker the tennis player has 3 quadroon children via 2 mulatto women. His eldest child has got a darker complexion where as his youngest two have very light complexion and his sons are full blood brothers. Twins aside a interracial couple could end up having several children and all the kids could be different phenotypes.

I do agree the lighter of the babies does look like what people generally would think was a mulatto. That’s just it though its generalizing mulattos and other mixtures come in all shades. Someone mixed raced can be as darker or even darker then their darkest parent turn that around they can be as light or sometimes even lighter then their lightest parent. Then of course they can be anywhere in between. It all how the genes fall into place.

Whatever their shade these boys are both mulattos. Clearly its catcher to say "white" baby and "black" baby then to say Light Mulatto baby and dark mulatto baby.

Carleen Brice said...

People are funny because I wouldn't see how it'd be news even if one was "white" and the other "black". And they say we've transcended race??