Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is is just me?

1) I swore I wouldn't watch too much politics on TV running up to the election, but a friend of mine was supposed to be addressing the Republican Convention tonight. He got bumped, by the way. But I couldn't help but notice that there sure were a lot of pale faces at the Republican National Convention and a seemingly scant amount of faces of color. Is it just me or did all of the colored Republicans suddenly become Obama supporters? I mean even the token contingent of Black Republicans seemed to be absent.

2) And speaking of annoying things about Cindy McCain...Did anybody else happen to catch the Cindy McCain video played at the RNC and wince when they said she "found" her youngest daughter while visiting an orphanage in Bangladesh? Like the baby was some random object she picked up on her travels. Is it just me or is that girl being trotted around to prove that the McCains understand colored people?

3) And is it just me or am I the only one who forgot that September begins National Hispanic Heritage Month (or as I just read on a calendar, National Latino Pride Month)? Why does Hispanic Heritage month feel like a second-class citizen on the cultural calendar? Is it just because I live in a city without a large Hispanic population that I'm missing the Latino love? Is it different in the southwest or Los Angeles for example? Is anybody celebrating? I hope so.

4) And finally, as my children prepare for movie night tomorrow (Friday Night), where the featured film is The Wiz, I ask, is it just me, or do other people have trouble explaining to their young children why Michael Jackson used to be a Black man and now, in the words of my seven-year old son, looks like a "Chinese woman?" No matter how many ways I try to explain it, he just doesn't understand the concept of plastic surgery. Ahh. Kids!

Peace & Happy Weekend!


MackDiva said...

First of all, I love reading your blog. Your writing is wonderful, and I can't wait to read your book.

As for the lack of color at the RNC, I totally agree with your observations. I found it amusing that the cameras kept showing the same colored faces over and over.

Have a great day, and thanks for sharing your world with us.

Me said...


Thank you. And Thank You. And I hope you enjoy Kinky Gazpacho.

And yeah, did you see the same Asian couple like five times?

Thanks for visiting the Meltingpot. Please come again.

Mango Mama said...

I was listening to a few news reports regarding the RNC and it was mentioned that at the last convention 7% of the delegates were African American and this year the percentage is a woeful 1.5%. Participation by Asian and Latino Americans had also decreased.

Christina said...

on cindy mccain - thank you! The way they used their daughter's adoption for political purposes was absolutely shameful. My son was not an act of charity!!!! Their behavior completely undermined that message. Unforgiveable.

Carleen Brice said...

One of my aunties is a big-time republican (worked in the reagan white house!) and she's for Obama.

I give the McCain's a pass on their daughter because the republicans did so much dirt on them during the 2000 campaign (sending out letters that he had a "black" daughter, etc.) that I just can't bring myself to be mad at them on this. Lots of other things though!