Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just a Question...About Obama

Really, it's just a question. Do you think if Obama's White mother were alive and out campaigning for her son, it would make any difference in how he was perceived? In our discussions about him being Black or Mixed-Race? In the minds of White people who truly fear a BLACK president?

What do you think?


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Sara said...

I used to be a staunch mixed-race assigner; invoking halfie pride, I loudly proclaimed his or her mixed race status and argued fiercely with those who (I thought) denied it. Because denial of either was like passing either way, something that seemed terribly wrong to me. I started listening to some differing opinions, specifically to white mothers of brown babies who wanted to raise their kids as they would be socially perceived. It began to occur to me that a person could self-prescribe, essentially, their own race. But what I've been wondering about lately is whether raising a child saying "the world will see you as this, so I will treat/raise you like this" is limiting a child to the racial institution that governs the United States. I've thought of this in context of Africans who have been told that they are now considered "black Americans" and no longer Africans once they reace these shores.

What I wonder is, how will we ever transcend (will we ever? should we ever?) this racial system if we raise our children (perhaps unconsciously) so staunchly within it?

Obama gives me hope that we can, if not transcend it, at least address it again, from a new perspective. Did I answer the questions?

LT said...


thank you for that thoughtful response. you answered it and added some extra questions too. always appreciated on the Meltingpot.
I guess the way I see it, even if a person want to choose their own identity, ultimately the world is going to perceive him their own way. Of course the "world" is a very big place with a lot of different opinions.

glamah16 said...

I dont know. I saw this horrible viral video this week from this black pastor who was calling Obamas Mama trash, etc. because she was 'white and messin with that Africain'. It was really disgusting but it making the rounds. With ignorant hankercheif head biggots like that out there I dont think her presence would have helped with unfortunatley a larger than I would like to think, segment of society.For us, yes it would be wonderful to see her witness the triumph of of all her hard work and sacrifice, but to the rest of narrow minded America, I'm not so sure.