Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food for Thought--Ethnic Thanksgiving

Just a question, Meltingpot readers. What does Thanksgiving taste like at your house? In our Kinky Gazpacho home, our traditional (collard greens, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, apple pie, sweet potato pie, cornbread dressing) meal is now improved with a tortilla de patatas, spanish olives and cool frosty sidra to wash it all down.

I'm just curious how the cultures come together during your holiday meal? I just read about a Mexican-American Thanksgiving meal where the turkey was served with mole sauce and corn tortillas came on the side. I also spoke to a Jamaican friend who told me she once jerked her turkey. Yummy!

So let's hear it, dear readers. Make my mouth water and dazzle me with your kinky, culinary creations.

Peace and Turkey grease!


glamah16 said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving. Ours varies from year to year depending on who we are with, etc. But for the most part just a lot of experimnets each year with traditional favorites.

Spring said...

Oh tortilla de patatas--yum! I want to eat at your house next year!

We have traditional fare--turkey, cranberry and sausage stuffing, yams, along with injera (Ethiopian bread), misr alicha (Ethiopian veg stew) and lots of berbere to add to everything.

We are a multiethnic family, so we mix it up at the holidays. For Christmas, we also add some Chinese and Italian dishes. By the end of the year, we are all represented and we've all eaten our favorite foods~

Sara said...

We had dinner at my Dad's brother's house. My aunt is Jamaican, my dad and his family are Louisiana Creole, and my Mom's solid Midwestern Irish-American.

The most notable dishes at the table were the "white-folks" potato salad and the "black folks" potato salad. Same recipe: potatoes, celery, boiled eggs, mustard and mayo, give or take, but the latter is mashed and former is not. My mom learned the recipe from my dad's family and decided to stop mashing it, and raised my sister and me on the chunky version.