Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hello Meltingpot Readers,

Today I am officially announcing the launch of my latest project. It's not a new book or a new blog, it is a clothing and accessories line called ?RU. Yes, I'm going the way of J-Lo and Beyonce and dipping my toes into the fashion industry. But make no mistake, my plan is not to ditch my writing career and try out for Project Runway. I just decided to enter into the clothing arena to further my mission to make the world a more multicultural, meltingpot, Obamalicious kind of place.

I am starting small, debuting tee-shirts and buttons only (socks are coming soon)at my online store www.whatrugear.com. I really wanted to create a line of hip and funky products that would put to rest that annoying question, "What are You?" hurled at ever man, woman and child who doesn't fit nicely into a single identity box. My very talented partner, art director Tesia Barone, has turned my idea into a very stylish reality.

If you have a free moment, take a peek at the site, leave us a message and by all means tell your friends about ?RU. The revolution can start with a tee-shirt!




Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

Cute stuff!! You just made my holiday shopping a little easier. I must also say keep up the good work. Books, blogs, baby tees. Creativity is a wonderful thing.

Ananda said...

Congratulations. I will defintely check them out and purchase some. Best wishes. Happy Thanksgiving.

Alex Zealand said...

Very cool - I can't wait to see where this goes.

Anonymous said...

NiiiCE! Is that little boy your eldest son? If so or if not, he's simply adorable! :o) Keep up all the good work in all you do.

Spring said...

Love the site...any thoughts on making family shirts, like "mixed family and proud of it" or some far more clever slogan like that? Those of us with complicated families of multiple hues due to stepfamilies and/or adoption would really appreciate it (and we could all wear the same shirt at company picnics, which would cut down on a lot of questions)!

Great idea!

a passive observer said...

This is awesome. I love the idea. I only have one question though. Is this gear for mixed people only or both mixed and non mixed beauties?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Me like!

If that is your son, he is too cute for words.

LT said...

Thank you Meltingpot Readers for the love and support of my new ?RU baby.

And Yes we're working on a shirt for the multi-hued family. And yes our products are for all people, mixed or un-mixed. Please feel free to shoot us any ideas for identity slogans that you like.

Thanks again.