Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby, Remember My Name...

I was eight years old when the movie Fame came out. It was rated R so my parents, of course, forbade me to see it. But I convinced my childless uncle Dennis, who didn't know any better, to take me to go see it after stopping by McDonald's for a quick Happy Meal.

And even though I had nightmares about Coco and her bare breast for months afterwards, I still loved that movie and watched it several more times over the years. And of course, I faithfully tuned in to the TV version which could never compare, but still it was one of the only TV shows with colored people in ready supply during the 80s.

You could say I had big dreams, that I wanted fame, that I was willing to pay, in sweat...but sadly I lacked the talent to go to a performing arts high school. So Fame was my surrogate. And now, they're making a remake! Due out this fall, 2009. I don't think I can stand it. And Debbie Allen, Ms. Fame herself, is going to be in it. As the principal of the school, not the dance teacher. And all of the kids will be new faces, no High School Musical superstars (sorry Corbin Blu).

Is anybody else as excited as I am? I realize the new Fame is being produced for the HSM fans, but I don't care. Just like I was supposedly too young to be able to enjoy the first Fame, I refuse to believe I'm too old for the second one. I'm keeping my mind open and will sing the body electric till I'm gray. Anybody with me? And by the way, does anybody know what ever really happened to LeRoy from Fame? There were so many urban legends about him being dead and then alive. Anybody know the real deal? Feel free to share. Any Fame memories are welcome.


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Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

Why mess with a classic? Especially when the remakes are so bad? As for LeRoy, he died in 2003 from complications from a stroke.

LT said...

Ms. Wooden Shoes,

I know it was a classic, and yet I'm ready for more. I'm shedding a tear for LeRoy. A stroke?

Ms. Wooden Shoes said...

He also had AIDS, which may have made the complications more complicated.

Rose-Anne Clermont said...

Fame changed my life. I must have seen it 394,560 times. I could be resistant to a remake but it's more like, "can I get some more of that?"

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about LeRoy/Jean Anthony Ray too - I don't recall ever hearing of his passing. Although, sadly, the manner in which is not entirely surprising. I was a loyal Fame tv show watcher too - and I loved the movie, but I didn't see it until it hit tv. I'm looking forward to the remake. I think they should let Corbin take part, he's not that famous yet.

LT said...

Ms. Wooden Shoes,

Really? Aw, man.

I knew there was a reason I loved you.

I agree that Corbin should have a part in this film.

JBH said...

Yay, Fame! I faithfully watched the TV show, too. I'll be there...even tho' I know remakes are not the same as the original. But, here's some hope: I think the remake of Ocean's 11 was MUCH better than the first.