Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Healing and a Video

Hello Meltingpot Readers,

Yesterday I had my four wisdom teeth yanked from my skull. I don't remember any of it of course, but today I am in much pain. So instead of a fun filled post chocked full of multicultural enlightenment, would you please take a moment to check out the video my partner and I created for our company ?RU. You know the one where we sell t-shirts and accessories for people who don't fit nicely into a single identity category. Be warned, I cried after watching it.

Please tell me what you think and I'll be back on Friday.

Peace and Painkillers!

p.s. And don't forget to post your comments on Monday's entry about Carleen Brice for your chance to win a free copy of her new novel, Children of the Waters. Thanks to those of you who already have!


Ola said...

OUCH!!!! I hope you don't get dry socket. Eat lots of pudding and apple sauce, seriously that was the only thing that got me through when I had my two lower ones pulled.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. Congrats! I just about sent it to everyone in my address book...^_^

Nif said...

When I got my wisdom teeth out I found that ibuprofen to reduce the swelling helped a LOT more than the narcotics they gave me, which simply make you stop caring that you hurt.

I was very sick of applesauce and ice cream by the time I was better.

Dee said...

I had both my bottom ones pulled out some years ago and now I have to get my top ones pulled as well. I also had a root canal back in April so I know how you feel. Here's a sure way to a speedy recovery: imagine yourself on a sunny beach somewhere in Miami...or Spain--and someone gives you a nice cool drink. Drink it very slowly. Let your worries drift away. It worked for me.

I'll give the video a look.

currentsbtwshores said...

Oh, poor LT. Gute Besserung!

Color Online said...

Take drugs, tea and sleep.

BrownMom said...

What a beautiful video! Well done, Well done.

Alexandra Zealand said...


Love the video.

JBH said...

OK - my post is a bit late - but I hope you're feeling better. I see you'll be in Borders on 7/10:-) If I'm in town, I may get you to sign my copy of your book, finally!

LOVE the video! great job with covering ALL mixed bases:-)