Friday, September 18, 2009

Burning Questions from the Meltingpot!

It's Friday and the week's been exciting, filling my head with tons of questions.

1. Is anybody else excited to see Chris Rock's new documentary, Good Hair, about Black women's hair culture, but still wondering why there were no women involved in writing or directing the film?

2. Does anybody else think Serena Williams should get her mouth washed out with soap for having such a potty mouth on the court, but still thinks folks are overreacting about the whole thing because a Black woman cursing is still unacceptable and just a wee bit scary to certain people?

3. Did anybody else roll their eyes when they found out that actress Katherine Heigl was adopting a baby girl from South Korea, and then feel like a major boob after finding out that Heigl's own sister is an adoptee from Korea, which then provided yet another glaring example of why you can never know the inspiration behind people's adoption decisions?

4. Is anybody else waiting with bated breath for Kanye West and Taylor Swift to record a duet together that will then spur a worldwide hip hop country movement?

5. Did anybody else read this article in Time magazine about the plight of Afro-Mexicans in Mexico and end up wondering if there is anywhere in this world where Africans were enslaved but in return they were provided even the smallest token of thanks?

So don't all speak at once. Just post your answers in the comments section. Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

I read that article about black Mexicans. Very interesting and very sad. It breaks my heart, but even with that adversity, still they raise. I hope that in time justice will prevail.

Kanye, he's an idiot. Seriously, I was done with him when he decided to refer to biracial people as mutts. Yeah, Kanye and I are not cool.

BloggingQueen said...

1. Can't wait to see the doc. Also required viewing for my husband (he's up to speed on the hair thing, but he should have regular updates. It's payback for me having two boys and not a boy and a girl.)

2. Oh, people... if it weren't for Serena and Venus, women's tennis would've turned into a pageant with rackets for props by now.

3. Wow. Okay, I almost like her again. She did have the bravery to point out her role in "Knocked Up" was just a smidge sexist as hell.

4. Kanye doesn't get real estate in my head.

5. Just makes me wonder what the world has against melanin.

Aron Ranen said...

Please take a moment to check out my documentary film BLACK HAIR

It is free at youtube. 6 parts including an update from London, England.

It explores the Korean Take-over of the Black Beauty Supply and Hair biz..

The current situation makes it hard to believe that Madame C.J. Walker once ran the whole thing.

I am not a hater, I am a motivator.

Plus I am a White guy who stumbled upon this, and felt it was so wrong I had to make a film about it.

self-funded film, made from the heart.

Can it be taken back?


Entropy said...

Kudos to Katherine Heigl for adopting a special needs child.