Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Blogalicious 2009

Blogalicious Site Badge

Okay, sometimes do you wonder if you've been sleeping on the job because you're the last one to hear about the next big thing? That's how I feel, seeing as how I just now found out about, Blogalicious 2009. It's a conference for women bloggers of color by women bloggers of color. From the blogalicious website:

" For three days, black, white, Latina, Caribbean, Asian-Pacific, and Native-American bloggers, among other nationalities, will enjoy a weekend of entertaining discussions and extraordinary events, all experienced in the company of exceptional women. "

Created by the women of MamaLaw, the conference is being held in Atlanta, October 9-11, 2009 and looks to be very well organized, especially for a first-year conference. Sponsors include big-name companies like Huggies and Chevrolet, and the speakers run the gamut, ethnically and professionally. But best of all, knowing their audience, they're even providing child care. Registration is over at the end of the week, on September 25th, so if you want to go, start making your plans.

Anybody out there already planning on attending? Let me know.



Ananda said...

hi lori. first i recommended your kg book to my colleague who loved it. she spent time in some of the same places in spain. we always talk about your book at work. i also loved your blog posts from this summer. i am attending the blogalicious conference and participating in the lobby chats. i will share yoga tips for computer users. i am also filming interviews with woc bloggers for ananda leeke tv and write articles for an online publication. the blogging while brown 09 and blogher 09 conferenced were cool. fyi blogher 2010 will be held in nyc in august next year. blogging while brown has not announced its 2010 location. i have not heard anything about feminism 2.0 for 2010 yet. check out these sites for future reference:

visit to find out more about social media conferences.

LT said...

Thanks Ananda. For everything. Hope to see you in soggy Atlanta.