Monday, March 08, 2010

Bullfights and Blind Sides

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I tried to. I really did, but I got bored after only about five minutes.

Plus, I thought the whole shebang started an hour earlier than they really did and ended up watching 60 Minutes with el esposo and the kids because they were profiling the two most famous bull fighters in Spain who happen to be (super cute) brothers. I was kidding when I nudged el esposo and said, "hey, do you know them?" And he answers back, "Well, not the brothers, but their family lived down the block. I played with their cousins all the time." Gotta love small town Spain. But back to the Oscars.

So, I didn't watch. But of course I now know who won and I'm terribly relieved that Avatar didn't win Best Picture. And I was secretly thrilled that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress. I haven't even seen The Blind Side, but I really like Sandra Bullock. I think she's highly underrated in Hollywood.

I am really intrigued by all of the good press/bad press The Blind Side has received. I'm also noticing how certain people don't want to admit they liked the film, because it just seems like too much of a cliche, too perfect, too White people saving the wild Black Negro. But now that the movie has the official Oscar glow, perhaps people will allow themselves to enjoy the feel-good movie for what it is: A feel good movie based on a real-life story. I think if people can accept that, and then read what really happened to NFL star, Michael Oher, then we're okay. The movie really is just a movie, it's like real life, but airbrushed and smoothed over.

If you want to hear Michael Oher's take on things, start with this USA Today article.

So, tell me. Did you see the Blind Side? What did you think?

I'm listening. I will definitely see the film when it comes out on my local library.



Anonymous said...

I read the book, which I thought was going to be about football (the author had done an earlier book about baseball, called Moneyball).

Half of the book was about football (it's about the evolution of the position of offensive left tackle, who's job it is to protect the blind side of the quarterback), and half of the book was about this family that the author stumbled across. Apparently, Michael Oher is genetically perfect to play the left offensive tackle position.

I'm keenly interested in seeing the movie, but lack of babysitters makes it hard to see any movie in the theatre.


Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to say that I loved the book. =)


SweetKinks said...

hey it's been a while since I have read your posts but
just a coincidence;
I am reading 'The Sun Also Rises' in school and the main characters went to Spain, and I immediately thought about you.
When the characters go to Spain they go fishing and watch bullfighting.

I read the book on Thursday and now that I have read this post, I just had to tell you.

[The brothers look pretty good.]

LT said...

Thanks for the book summary and I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on the film. Maybe, like me, you'll have to wait for the DVD.

Thanks for the update. And those brothers are cute, right?

Anonymous said...

We finally saw the movie tonight. They did a great job of capturing what I remembered from the book. We couldn't have been more pleased.


Iván said...

Hi, Lori.
Really? Your esposo knew the Ribera Ordoñez family in his childhood? hehe, I assume that are the two famous bullfighting brothers.