Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip!

The Kinky Gazpacho family is heading west. Road trip to Wisconsin for my 20th high school reunion. We're packing the car with non-electronic fun for the kids (yikes), healty, gluten-free snacks and a GPS whom we affectionately call Coco. I also have a map just in case.

My cousins are house & garden sitting, making sure to keep careful care of the Gazpacho garden el esposo has lovingly created. What's a Gazpacho garden? He's planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and mint; the ingredients for a perfect Gazpacho of course. It's all part of our plan to save money as he prepares to return to school. And it's just fun to grow your own food. Last week el esposo harvested his first green beans and they were so delicious. Actually, they tasted like green beans but still the idea that el esposo coaxed them from the ground from dry seeds was quite cool.

So, next time we meet, I'll be back in dairyland, the land of my birth.

Hasta pronto... (fade out to "on the road again")



Christian Art and Design said...

happy travels

Dee said...

Hope you enjoy your high school reunion. I won't go to mine...high school was pure hell for me and I don't want to see anyone there again. I don't want to rain on your parade so that's all I'm saying on that.

What do you mean by saying el esposo's going back to school?

Gazpacho is sounding really good right about now--so long as someone else makes it.

LT said...


I hear your pain. But when you get to be as old as me, you might look back with fonder memories....or not!!!