Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Monday: Bruno Mars Makes Beautiful Mixie Music

Okay Melitngpot Readers,

I'm going to assume that some of you, like me, aren't exactly keeping track of what's happening in the world of popular music. Maybe other areas of your life keep you from knowing who's hot and who's not. Well, thank goodness you have me.

I would like to introduce you to my new musical crush, Bruno Mars, otherwise known as that ambiguously brown dude who sings the chorus on The Billionaire song. After a wee bit of research on that incredibly reliable source of information known as wikipedia, I discovered that Mr. Mars was born and raised in Hawaii by parents of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent. His real name is Perter Hernandez, Jr. and like his mixie heritage, his music also defies easy categorization. In an interview on he explained why he titled his EP, "It's Better if You Don't Understand," regarding his musical style and his heritage.

"Yeah, you know, a lot of people...there's always been so much question about what kind of music I do. Everything. You know, what's his nationality? Is it R&B? Is it pop? Is he a rapper? Is he really that short? A lot of things. There's so many...I always thought that was my struggle, explaining the kind know you asked earlier what kind of music. It's hard for me to explain. Not because I'm trying to be out of the box's just like, man, I just write songs. Hopefully, I try to write songs that touch a lot of people.

So that phrase, "It's better if you don't understand," resonated so well with me because that's been my whole life, a campaign. Just listen, basically. It's a way to say just listen to this music and you be the judge of what it is and how it makes you feel. Opposed to me telling you I am a pop singer or an R&B singer or a soul singer. I want the audience to have their own personal feelings toward my music

Nice, right? I love his voice and his songs are brilliant. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I also find him absolutely adorable.

So Bruno Mars is about to Blow Up big time. His first debut album is slated for an October release. But now you can all talk about him with authority because you read about him here on the Meltingpot. Ha! Anybody else out there already a Bruno Mars fan? What's your favorite song?



scop said...
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Waiting for Zufan! said...

Yes, I love Bruno Mars, too! Just downloaded "Just the way you are" to my ipod. (However, I'm currently most obsessed with Nelly's Just a Dream. Wow. Loooooove that song.) Thanks for the info on Bruno. I didn't know anything about him -- cool stuff. Graciaaaa... :)