Friday, August 27, 2010

Read This! Watch That! Listen Here!

Meltingpot readers,

I had so much to say today. About God. About Grace. About writing. But I don't have time so I'm going to tell you to:

1. Read Mary Karr's new memoir, Lit for a beautiful story on writing, drinking, redemption and finding God in the details. I'm still buzzing about it.

2. And while you're contemplating God in everyday life, try rocking out to this song, "Rusty Halo" by my new favorite band, The Script.

3. And then when you think your heart is filled with grace, tune into to PBS to watch three amazing new documentaries about adoption that promise to tell the truth about international, transracial and older-child adoption. Click here for more information and trailers.

Make it a wonderful weekend.


1 comment:

Karoliina said...

I hope the documentaries will be aired in Finland one day, too. We are a white family (with two bio children) in a very white country/society, and hopefully in a couple of years we will get our third child from South Africa. She or he will be black, and we are naturally thinking about the multiracial family issues a lot these days.

You have a nice blog! I found this recently, when I was reading reviews of your novel, Substitute Me - that I definitely want to read, as it sounds so intriguing.

Take good care,