Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big, Bad Tornados Can't Stop Me!

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Sorry I'm coming to you a day late. I'm still catching my breath after my death-defying drive to New York City for the official Substitute Me release party. Yes, I was late to my own book party sponsored by my publisher, Atria Books and Up South Inc. But, people, we had to drive through a tornado/hurricane/torrential downpour to get from Philly to Harlem where the party was held.

At one point when we were driving through aforementioned downpour, when there was seriously zero visibility, I asked myself, 'is it worth it to die in a gruesome and horrific car accident in order to get to my book party?' Obviously. I said yes because we didn't pull over as many other, more rational motorists did. We just kept going and prayed the rain/hurricane-like winds would stop. And they did, eventually. And we made it, eventually. I was only 45 minutes late. Oops. But who ever heard of a tornado in NYC?

Thanks to the bad weather, many folks didn't show up to the party, but it was still amazing. It was held at this gorgeous Italian restaurant called Settepani. The owners, Leah and Nino, are Italian via Ethiopia. (You know this Kinky Gazpacho girl loved that.) I've never been feted by my publisher, so I honestly didn't know what to expect. Basically there was mixing and mingling, then my editor made a speech about me that brought tears to my eyes. She said such wonderful things about my books, I swear she had to be talking about someone else. And all I could think was, gee, I wish my parents were here so they could hear that someone else, another adult, thinks I'm smart. Do we ever grow out of that need?

Anywho, then I spoke a bit about Substitute Me, then I signed some books and then we ate. I was so touched because the restaurant created a Prix Fixe 'Substitute Me' meal for the evening and printed the menu on bookmarks, so I have a keepsake for my scrapbook. Yes, I am that dorky.

After driving back home to Philly on Thursday night, I slept like a baby and managed to do nothing useful all day yesterday except pick my kids up from school.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Washington DC. I'll be speaking at Presse Books in Georgetown at 1pm and again at 3pm.

Please come out if you live in the area. I'd love to meet some Meltingpot readers in the flesh. And please say a prayer that no tornados are heading for Washington DC.



Anonymous said...

i missed DC, hope you had a good reading

LT said...


Thanks. I hope to make it back to DC again.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

I wish I could have shown up. Can you have your publisher call the Borders at Largo? I'm joking, but I'm serious. :-)

Ernessa T. Carter came to do a reading there and it was so nice. Good turn out. Cha-ching!