Friday, September 24, 2010

Katy Perry, Elmo and Boobies

Happy Friday Meltingpot Readers,

Have you heard about the uproar over Katy Perry's appearance on Sesame Street? Apparently, Perry has some mommies up in arms over the 'costume' she wore on the show. Having heard about the controversy first, I assumed the woman who sings the song "I kissed a girl and I liked it," had probably shown up wearing something a little too risque to play with muppetts. From the comments, it sounded like she'd come dolled up in stripper gear or something.

But then I watched the clip, available on You Tube and I found myself scratching my head. Is it just me or does anyone else think maybe folks are making much ado about nothing? Yes, you can see some cleavage, but the boobie factor is far from offensive or even that big (sorry Katy).

See for yourselves.

So why is this a Meltingpot issue? Well, one because I'm a mom who still enjoys watching Sesame Street, but also because I'm so shocked that other moms were so shocked. Are these moms coming from such a different cultural experience / moral code that we can look at the same skit and see totally different things? I mean, I've watched the video twice and cannot for the life of me see anything shameful or gross. I was tapping my toes to the music and listening to the cute lyrics and forgot all about her chest.

Please Meltingpot readers, tell me what you think. Would you let your toddlers and young kids watch this skit? Or is it x-rated? And if you don't have a problem with it, why do you think so many others did. And mind you, the outraged mommies won this battle because the higher ups at Sesame Street issued a statement promising not to air the skit on television.

I'm listening.



Tere Kirkland said...

Maybe it's just the lack of proper foundation garments that has parents freaking out. She does kind of bounce around a little, but honestly, that's the last thing anyone watching Sesame Street is going to look at, right?

I thought the skit was cute and she looks adorable, and I'm not even a fan.

Too bad it won't air.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with you. I do not understand this "controversy".

Why are we becoming more conservative as a nation? There was nothing sexual about this performance. Womens' bodies are not obscene.

nina said...

I don't see what the big deal is, either. As Tere noted above, Sesame Street's target audience most likely isn't going to zone in on Perry's cleavage. And to all of the parents complaining: please, I see more breasts exposed whenever I walk into a Park Slope coffee shop/restaurant/bar/etc.

Anonymous said...

It's cute. Absolutely nothing is wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

I saw the news on that and was disappointed (again) by all the paranoid parenting. She is cute, playing "dress up" and I would totally let my toddler watch it!

lifelearner said...

I didn't know who Kate Perry was until this big hoopblah! Honestly I could care less about some boobs (small- at that) running around with Elmo.

I'm a mom of two boys and they were both breastfeed, there is nothing wrong with breast!! They are apart of the female anatomy.

Hmm here's a thought, maybe the mommies that are in an uproar have body image issues and are projecting them on KP and Seasame Street.

Oh well, now Kate Perry is going to be a huge star now! LOL :-) Controversy + free press= superstar