Monday, September 27, 2010

Wanted: Mixie Role Models

Meltingpot Readers,

Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about my new Mixie Music crush, Bruno Mars? Not only did I love his romantic crooning style and upbeat beats, but I was thrilled that he spoke of his mixed (Puerto Rican and Filipino) heritage and how it influenced his eclectic music style. With two budding mixie musicians at home, I felt like a really good mom introducing them to Bruno Mars. I didn't go overboard, but I showed them a couple of his videos, mentioned his mixieness, and commented on his commitment to his music. You know, kind of saying, 'see you can be a musician if you practice and work hard.'

Well, come to find out, it's not just hard work that is fueling Bruno's fire. It seems he's getting a little help from his little white friend. Damn you Bruno Mars, couldn't you 'just say no?"

I know some people will say I shouldn't hold rock stars up as role models for my young kids, but I say why not? Why can't we expect our 'rock stars,' actors, and athletes to live some kind of decent life? And of course some do. So I'm asking you Meltingpot fans, who are your mixie role models in the categories of actors, musicians and/or athletes, or all-around do-gooders? Who are the public figures with Mixie heritage that you think might be great role models in their field. Because let's face it, kids do need heroes in their lives that don't wear capes.

When I was little, I worshiped my real-life heroes. Women who looked like me and gave me hope that I might some day grow up to be as great. Those heroes were; Athlete: Wilma Rudolph. Writer: Maya Angelou, Musician: Irene Cara.

Okay, so now tell me yours.



evelyn.n.alfred said...

Hmmmm, I don't have any mixie role models. Well, that's not entirely true, but I admire them because of their deeds and not mix-ness, lol. The president of course is an excellent example.

I learned this weekend about Margarita Engle being mixed so I could add her because she writes (historical)novels in verse and I'm dying to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Leona Lewis seems to be quite the squeakiest of clean mixed race singers... I can't think of any males that can rival her on that... Sorry!

Ronnie said...

Maybe new mixie singer Miguel will be less of a disappointment. He's Mexican and African American and gorgeous might I add. His song is called 'All I Want is You'.

LT said...

Mr. Obama is definitely at the top of our list! We have his books, children books, and I'm on the hunt of the Obama bobble head dolls. They were sold out last time I was in DC.

I do like Leona kids, not so much.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll go look this dude up.