Friday, October 01, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Makes Me Go Hmmmm...

I didn't want to really talk about the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal, so I'm not. I'm just going to pose a question.
Why in the name of Holy Jesus, would you look to this man in the first place for spiritual guidance?

I don't get it.



Christina said...

My thoughts exactly.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

After watching this video on your blog yesterday, I've been doing this dance randomnly when the spirit hits me (pun intended). I occassionally use "cross it up" as a punctuation mark now.

This video made me smile.

Dee said...

My mom used to watch him all the time. Since the news broke, she doesn't anymore.

LT said...


Now I have a funny picture in my mind to keep me laughing all day long.

Interesting. Does your mom assume he is guilty as charged or is she just done?