Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday: My Teenage Dreams!

Welcome Back, Meltingpot Readers.

Did I mention that I am a crazy fool and decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month? Yes, Nanowrimo is when every frustrated novelist in the world dedicates the month of November to writing a novel. That's 50,000 words in 30 days. And if you peek at your calendar, you'll see tomorrow is the last day of the month. Yikes! To be honest, I'm actually only 3,000 words away from hitting the big 50K, but that doesn't mean I'll actually be done telling the story, but I'm going to try.

Anywho, all that to say, I don't have time to write here on the Meltingpot today, because I have to get back to my unfinished novel. In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with this little ditty by Katy Perry, called Teenage Dreams. It's my go-to song for inspiration for this book, because the story is about a teen girl who finally discovers how fun life can be when she lets go of all of her fears.

Enjoy! And the next time you 'hear' from me, I'll have a new novel completed. (Fingers crossed!)

What's your go-to song for inspiration these days?


Anonymous said...

I did NanoWriMo a few years ago. It consumed my life! I didn't make it to the 50,000 words, but I had a chunk of material I'm still holing on to for future use.

Inspiration song: I haven't listened to it yet this year, but I always play it at least 100 times between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. It's a slammin' "shake your God-fearing booty" song by Kirk Franklin: "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season." Not your grandmother's Christmas carol.


LT said...

Nanowrimo def, is a life suck. And I actually like that song too.