Monday, March 14, 2011

Amish Fiction, A Big Announcement and a Giveaway too!

Meltingpot Readers,

Anybody out there a fan of Amish fiction? Or like me, up until this very moment were you completely unaware that the Amish fiction genre even existed? Don't be ashamed to admit that you were in the dark about these "bonnet-ripper romances." I have nothing to say about Amish fiction except that I think it's a fascinating sub-category of fiction and apparently it's a hot genre too. Here's a great Time Magazine article about the growing popularity of Amish fiction. Go figure. Let me know what you think about that.

And in other news...

I have a big announcement that I'm going to save for Wednesday. I thought I'd turn it into a guessing game though for you my faithful readers. The hint is this: My life will soon imitate my art. If you want to guess what my announcement is, leave a comment. Any correct answers left by 10am Wednesday morning will be put in a drawing to receive a copy of either Substitute Me or Kinky Gazpacho.

Let the guessing begin.

I'm listening.



MissA said...

Hmm haven't read any of your art yet (soon I swear :) so I'm going to go with the rather unoriginal (unorignal on my part) moving to Spain? Or...*gasp* YOU ARE BECOMING AMISH. That is all :D

A. Gillispie said...

I know it's totally dorky but I *love* Amish fiction! I discovered it when I was bored and looking for a book at Wal-Mart. Who would think there were dozens of Amish fiction books at Wal-Mart alone! LOL! There's something to reading about their simple lives, and good food that speaks to my soul. It's like candy for my brain!


Anonymous said...

I have three guesses:
1. Your whole family is adopting a new hair style (preferably Afro)
2. An orphan or a foreign exchange student is joining the Kinky Gazpacho household
3. You are hiring an Amish nanny


lifelearner said...

My guess, is your book Kinky Gazpacho will be heading to on the big silver screen. You have a movie deal?

Congrats, either way!

LT said...

Ohh, These are such good guesses. Keep 'em coming please. (said with a maniacal giggle)

Colombian Mami said...

1. Getting a nanny.
2. You will be a nanny.
3. You are moving to Spain.
4. You are opening a restaurant which will serve a dish called Kinky Gazpacho.
5. You are adopting.
6 You sold the movie rights to one of your books.
7. You are adopting.
8. You will be hosting an exchange student.

Colombian Mami

Olivia said...

Maybe your brother and el esposo's sister got engaged? :)