Friday, June 24, 2011

Help, My Friends are Moving to China!

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

This weekend we're playing host to our dear friends who will be moving to China from the United States, next week!! Mom is Kenyan, Dad is Jewish American, and they have two adorable Mixie kids. But they're moving next week. I can't stand it. Dad got a great job and mom said, 'why not?' I am so excited for them, but a little sad too because our relationship is now going to depend on Skype. But on the other hand, the Kinky Gazpacho family now has a reason to plan a trip to China. Oh, and to learn a little Chinese.

But in the meantime, my friend is kind of freaking out. This move has happened really fast! So, I'm asking you dear readers, does anyone know of any good blogs, and/or online resources for Americans moving to/living in China? I think she'd really like to follow other people's stories who have done this before. Especially Mixie and/or Meltingpot families.

So, all of you expats, especially those who really made a radical move, please share your blog addresses or let us know where you go online for inspiration, a virtual shoulder to cry on etc. In the meantime, I'm trying to get my friend to start her own blog so we can follow the family's progress.

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Afromorena said...

Not an expat, yet, but I am a regular reader of Life Behind the Wall ( The blog is written by an African American woman who moved to China and is married to a Chinese man. She talks about the customs, belief system, language, and pop culture in China. She actually just recommended a book called "Think like Chinese", which may be helpful for your friends as well. The blog owner is super cool, so if your friends have any questions, concerns, etc. they should write to her.

Not sure where exactly your friends are going to China, but here are some other cool blogs of expats in different parts of China: (this is more about things to do for fun in China)

Afromorena said...

Oh, one more thing, I found this site and your friends could put in their region to see if there are any expat bloggers are living in that area. Or they can browse by blog category. I hope that helps.

The Lady Dee said...

Alicia said...

"Don't Eat my Buchela!" a blog by a black Ethiopian American woman married to a white American living abroad in China with their two kids.

LT said...

Thanks people for all of your suggestions. I'm going to start reading all of these as well.

Jim said...

Sounds fun, I'm not sure if i'm ready to drop it all and head over to China yet. I do really want to do it but I have a few concerns such as how the healthcare system works for expats.
I came across this which might be useful;