Friday, February 25, 2011

WTF? Friday: An Offensive Guide to Interracial Dating

Meltingpot Readers,

I had another post all ready to go today, but I got word of a new book -- I Got the Fever: Love: What's Race Got to Do With It? -- that purports to teach women the secrets of how to date outside of their race. Although, because it is written by a White American woman who refers to her own cultural background as Poor White Trash, it kind of slants towards teaching White women how to get with a man of color.

Here's how the copy reads on the authors' website:

"Are you sick of believing all the good men are either married or gay? Then it’s time to catch the fever—for intercultural dating, that is. The fact is, soulmates come in every color—and I Got the Fever can help you find yours. Injected with pants-wetting anecdotes, eyebrow-raising commentary, and plenty of juicy details, I Got the Fever offers a practical course of treatment for dating within five unique cultures: Latino, Asian, Black, Indian, and Jewish. Plus, author J.C. Davies delivers the low down on every question you ever had about dating men of other races but were too PC to ask:
• Do Asian men like their women submissive?
• Are Jewish men really cheap?
• Are all Indian men well versed in the Kama Sutra?
• Do Latin lovers live up to their reputation?
• Do Black men actually have big, er, uh, equipment?

Whether you’re already in an interracial relationship, contemplating one or just want to be entertained by JC’s conversational style and hilarious anecdotes, I Got the Fever is the perfect prescription for dating in a new and diverse world.

I'm still left scratching my head. Is this woman for real? (She obviously takes herself and her mission very seriously.) Does she really think because she has dated many men of many different cultural backgrounds she is qualified to dole out such advice? But even more importantly, should anybody be approaching their romantic life with such racially codified motivations? Somebody help me understand this woman. And then help me understand the people who are actually buying it. Should we be afraid? Very afraid? And last but not least, why are all the men on the front cover shiny and hairless?

I'm listening.

Happy Weekend!



rhapsodyinbooks said...

I was truly a much happier person until you brought this to my attention! I googled, convinced that it was really some Aryan racist yahoo pretending to be a woman, but no, apparently, reputable sources, including NPR and the New Yorker, have interviews with her. Ugh. Thanks for sharing, I think! :--)

Afromorena said...

I think she created this book to get shock value. I gleaned from another website that her blog is written in the same manner, very much not PC humor. Personally, there is nothing I can learn from this book, because I grew up hearing these same old stereotypes. Needless to say, I will pass on this book.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

OMG, I can't stop laughing, partly from horror, partly from flat-out amusement. Seriously, what is the MATTER with people? Anything to make a buck, I guess, and I understand that to a point, but really, women who feel the need to read this book before they date might as well just date others (I took out the insult there) like themselves. So stupid.

All I have to say is someone really got carried away with the jar of hot wax. Yikes. Those are some smoooooth men. Creepy. :)

Amy Wise said... question...what happened to being with someone for love?

LT said...

Sorry :(


I think laughter may be the best response to this nonsense.

Good question.

Double Your Dating said...

This is really an offensive dating for the Interracial Dating. That means we can easily guide many persons from different cultural background.

Anonymous said...

Finding your soulmate just happens, black, white, Asian..etc..Do people really go out searching for partners of other races...if so I feel sorry for them. I married my soulmate because of him not his color...

Proud partner in a multiracial relationship...

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